Fascinating world of Viper snakes

28 Jul

Gaboon Viper      Viper snake is found every where in the world except, Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, Ireland, and Northern part of Arctic circle. All vipers have long hinged fangs which allow them to penetrate and inject venom into their prey. There are four sub species are recognized at present and they also known as a viper. When these snakes bites human being, within few minutes decomposing  of that particular part of body where Viper snake have bitten. It’s a very very painful experience for the that person. Viper snakes are very aggressive snake,but it has a unique ability to inject venom as required, for example if it’s prey is small it will inject very small amount amount venom and if it’s prey is big then it will inject more venom.

Rattlesnake is also belongs to viper family. This specie found only in United States of America. Rattlesnake has a unique ability to warn it’s predators by rattling it’s last part of tail, this sound is a most shuddering and fiery in US. Though Viper snakes mainly found in US, but few rattlesnakes found in north and central America. Being a wild life enthusiast myself I have witness quite a few incidents of viper bite. It’s most horrible experience for me. Pain of viper bites is unimaginable.Viper snakes are very agile and aggressive by nature, it can strike it’s prey within 1/400 seconds time. It is this reason why all Americans stay alert for rattlesnake, the other reason is in America viper snakes are found almost everywhere, even in the lawn of the garden.Most of the rattlesnakes comes under category of pit viper category. Pit viper has a unique organ called Jacobson’s organ,which is named after it’s discoverer Danish anatomist Ludvig Levin Jacobson, he discovered this organ way back in 1811.This organ placed on the upper side of jaw and beneath both eyes. This organ allowed snakes and other reptile to recognize it’s prey even in night.

There are three continent when viper snakes found most, US,Africa and Asia. As we have seen in US where rattlesnakes occur. Most dangerous rattlesnake is Eastern diamond rattlesnake, Western diamondback rattlesnake, Mojave rattlesnake and Mexico habitat Tzabcan rattlesnake, people of Mexico consider this rattlesnake very auspicious and they literally worship it. In Asia Russell’s Viper is biggest and most dangerous snake. Other viper snake found in Asia is Saw Scaled Viper. Due to it’s small size and it’s agility it kills more people then any other snakes in whole Asia. In Africa there are two viper specie occur one is Puff Adder and other is Gaboon viper. Both this vipers are most dangerous and have killer bites. There are many facts we can discuss here but due to constraints of space I conclude this.



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6 responses to “Fascinating world of Viper snakes

  1. Wildlife TV

    July 29, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    I’ve already seen a few in the wild in South African and I can assure you that they are gorgeous but extremely scary.
    I always will do my best to keep out of their way!


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    August 4, 2013 at 2:03 am

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