Metamorphoses of Indian Cricket!

Sourav Ganguly     Till beginning of this century India was never considered to be a consistently a formidable force, but arrival of Sourav Ganguly as a captain made things happened. He slowly, but quite surly started building team and he received ample support from many players including Sachin,Rahul, Kumble and many others. I will give almost full credit for Indian team’s current success to vision of Sourav Ganguly because he shown the way and current skipper M S Dhoni just carried Ganguly’s good work to new height. I admit it was easier said then done and Dhoni did just that, but at the same time we should not forget that he was lucky enough to get good cricketers to groom.

Comparing Ganguly era with post Ganguly era is very very interesting thing to do.Ganguly groomed legends like Sehwag and Zaheer, while infusing confidence in young generation. Kohli, Dhawan,Raina and many others who are making headlines for skipper M S Dhoni.In any sports psychology is a very important component because without proper mindset you can win a match or two, but you can’t be as successful as Indian Cricket team is today. Sourav Ganguly created that winning psychology which is known as killer instinct in sports psychology. If somebody wants to give credit for current success of Indian cricket team to M S Dhoni then they are making big mistake as credit must go to Sourav Ganguly.

Winning is a habit, but it is also a matter of confidence and Ganguly infused that confidence in to Indian cricket team. Now with IPL has become regular feature of Indian cricket’s yearly program and Dhoni being the skipper of BCCI chairman owned Chennai Super King has a all the freedom in the world to choose players of his liking. Dhoni has selected only those players who didn’t challenge his captaincy in near future, Ganguly never ever played such malicious game with Cricket. In a recent interview Gautam Gambhir who played pivotal role in making Indian team victorious spoke about this. Gambhir told reporter though indirectly how Delhi player Virat Kohli neglected him and senior most Delhi player Virender Sehwag.

In short, Indian cricket’s golden period which we are witnessing is only due to Erstwhile Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly and not to Dhoni as many wants to attribute it to him. Even if Dhoni retires from international cricket Indian cricket team’s golden period likely to continue for at least a decade. I must admit Dhoni’s capacity as a wicket keeper and batsman both. In my view he is a best wicket keeper cum batsman ever in the world.

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Modi has a multiple media manager

Narendra Modi      In a country like India, media favoring one particular political party is nothing new, but the way media is supporting Modi for his campaign to become prime minister in next year’s general election is very very surprising.They are not just only supporting Modi but they are managing his campaign also. They are writing and publishing live blog for his every major rally across the nation. I admit, prime minister Dr.Manmohan  Singh‘s media management is very poor and Modi is just brilliant it at, but that does not mean media should go that far as Indian media have gone in support of Modi. It is not only media, but media have attracted others to support Modi.

In any vibrant democracy media is expected to behave in a impartial manner, but Indian media has failed miserably on that account as they have become a commercial profit making entity. No one will object to their earning as far as they are discharging their duty well, but when they behaved in a partial way to make profit they become biggest villain of democracy. Times group owned news channel Time Now started all coup and literally started a tirade against Congress in second part of 2010. This is very disturbing and dangerous trend for India, media’s duty is to present facts before people, not they have to pass the judgment on any political party or personality and they are doing just that.

Modi has got very high security cover and that too for unknown threat. If there is a perception that he is anti Muslim, if that is so then he first make a public apology for 2002 post Godhra riots and then he claim costly security cover for himself. I didn’t at all mean to say that asking for an apology mean at all a acceptance of guilt, but it will be a nice gesture on his part. Modi is a very arrogant and rude politician, he will never apologize for what happened in Gujarat during his chief ministership.Those who criticized late Rajiv Gandhi have not uttered a word about 108 NSG commando security till date, on the contrary they are daily reporting about threat to Modi’s life from various terror groups.

I astound by the favoritism shown by supposedly impartial persons and entities. I am unable to see any quality which can be attributed to Modi which can make him good leader, if at all he is a loudmouthed and self patting leader. Narendra Modi just doesn’t deserve accolades which he is receiving from various quarters.


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Battlelines are drawn for five states

Rahul Gandhi In a two month or so Five Indian states will go to poll. This is not a special polls, but with impending Loksabha poll in early next year make it a special one. These five states are Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan,Chhattisgarh,Delhi, Mizoram. Barring tiny state of Mizoram where Congress is a dominant force all other four states fight is between Congress and BJP. It has been seen that whoever ruled Delhi has always ruled nation, hence Delhi is also a significant poll for both ruling Congress and opposition BJP. Traditionally these two parties have battled out in Delhi, but these time around Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi‘s party(AAP) is also in fray and it is considered as a black horse.

AAP is a one point party and that is they will bring Jan Lokpal if they voted to power. People are more worried about price rise, law & order, job, heath facilities and other such basic problems, they just do not have time to think about corruption and other such moralistic issues. BJP has no other job then to criticize,Congress and prime minister himself, BJP has no real mass leader in Delhi. Current chief minister Sheila Dixit is a popular leader in Delhi and has led Congress to victory in three consecutive elections.There for in all probability Congress will keep Delhi for fourth time in a row. North Eastern state of Mizoram, where BJP is none existent and Congress is well placed to retain Mizoram.

Remaining three big states, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh are main states where there will be real fight between two political rival in India, Congress and BJP. Both in MP and Chhattisgarh BJP is ruling since last ten years and in Rajasthan Congress is ruling since last five years, hence both party will have fight for their survival. Congress has projected Jyotiraditya Scindia the member of Gwalior royal family against the incumbent Shivraj Chauhan, this step of Congress is quite encouraging as people are looking for young, fresh and honest CM for the state. In Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan it is anybody’s game.

On 8th of December result of these polls will be announced by election commissioner. It will be very very interesting day for politics crazy Indian people.

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Justice done, what about other cases?

Nirbhaya Case    So Nirbhaya rape and murder case come to an end with a death penalty to all four accused. This case was decided in just less then nine months, which is very very swift by Indian standard of justice delivery system. This verdict was also possible because it attracted so much public wrath and a mass protest supported by almost all political parties. In any case justice done to slain Nirbhaya is a matter of satisfaction for all. This sad story doesn’t end because there are thousands of Nirbhaya are waiting for justice all over India, but as their case didn’t get support from media and female organizations they are waiting for justice endlessly.

While we support Nirbhaya verdict wholeheartedly, we must ensure justice for our other sisters also. There are many cases of rape goes unreported as rapist in such cases are kin of aggrieved female and she just can’t collect enough courage to report it to police. In short we need to evolve a mechanism to tackle all rape cases. Stigma of a rape is unthinkable for women and especially for Indian women. India is still a conservative country with orthodox mindset, women don’t quite accept a rape even after getting counseling from qualified doctors. Sadly in many rape incidents aggrieved lady commit suicide and that should not be acceptable. So what could be the way out? and what could be done to minimize the occurrence of this ugly incidents?.

There are distress calling line is available in most part of India, but as I said most of the women don’t gather courage to report it at police station or distress phone lines or even taking help of reliable family member or friend to report it. During last 2 and a half year we have seen so many agitation for the demand of enactment of Lokpal bill, but there is no word from these people on the plight of women and children. My suggestion is there should be a common distress line for both women and children, with maximum possible lines so women do not get engage message. State govt must set up a district based help center with majority of women working in it. India has a dubious record in treating women. All Indian male needs to change their mindset towards women. Media, politicians and other social organizations can help in this regard.

Women are precious for any civilized society, and our society is. There are too many rape cases are being reported in media and we are still obsessed with few cases like NIrbhaya, but now we have to look beyond and provide succor to our sisters.


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Fighting a lost battle

Marendra Nodi    BJP was doing every thing to dislodge current government at New Delhi. It has inflicted immense injuries to India, BJP leaders haven’t allowed parliament to function at all.They have used every tricks to malign Congress led UPA govt at Delhi. They have used corruption charges to stop parliament from working normally, their intention was clear by obstructing parliament they disallow Govt from taking any legislative and administrative action. As they got successful in obstructing parliament, they started calling prime minister a lame duck prime minister and when they got their momentum going they started projecting Gujarat chief minister as their prime ministerial candidate, although they refrained from declaring it openly.

Ever since an impression went out that Narendra Modi may be prime ministerial candidate for 2014 elections, Modi just gone berserk and have started giving all sorts of weird statements, criticizing UPA for every thing and that too without any substance. Modi’s behavior is so rude and off the mark that many within BJP itself started distancing itself from Modi. Veteran BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani have opposed the very candidature of Modi, although people might say that he is doing this to fulfill his long standing wish to become a prime minister of India.Advani is a veteran of 50 years politics and he know Indian politics better then anybody else in India. He know well that if BJP project Modi as a prime ministerial candidate then Muslims will vote for Congress en mass and that will bring yet another Congress govt at the center, but foolhardy people like BJP president Rajnath Singh and BJP Bihar chief Sushil Kumar Modi reading this as Advani’s own personal ambition.

Today BJP is going to declare Modi as their PM candidate and that will be suicidal as Modi’s anti minority image will hurt BJP most. There is no possibility of any polarization in the country as BJP is thinking. Their continued disruption of parliament has not gone well with the people. Modi’s rhetorical talk is not helping BJP’s cause either, for example he commented that Rupee is in hospital due to PM, but as Rupee have started gaining he has nothing to say. BJP haven’t offered any thing to people of this country, if at all they have said any thing then it is some thing to defame Congress. This negativism hasn’t gone well with the people and they are sure to vote for Non BJP parties. Media persons are burning oil 24 hours a day to garner support for Modi,but it is not making any impression on rural people of India, who are still with Indian National Congress.

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Justice R A Mehta’s escapist attitude is highly deplorable

Justice R A Mehta       Justice R A Mehta is a former judge of Gujarat high court. When he was a judge he was known for his probity and sympathy for poor. During the morbi dam disaster in 1979 he helped and assisted Justice B K Mehta in investigation. Justice Mehta was appointed as a judge of Gujarat high court in the year 1983. He was responsible for modernization and computerization of Gujarat high court. He was also responsible for providing guideline to police to follow during the caste and communal clashes.

In June 2011, his name was suggested by chief justice of Gujarat high court as a Lokayukta of Gujarat state. This post was very significant for fight against corruption, this post became even more important when this post of Lokayukta remained vacant for last seven years. Even after receiving a suggestion from chief justice brazen Gujarat govt continue to drag it’s feet for formalization  of appointment of Lokayukta in the state of Gujarat. Responding to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by father of murdered RTI activist Amit Jethva Gujarat high court issued a show cause notice to Gujarat govt for delay in the appointment of the Lokayukta. Eventually Governor of Gujarat Smt. Kamala Beniwal appointed justice Mehta as a Lokayukta of Gujarat bypassing State govt and this led to a constitutional debate. Narendra Modi Govt contested a appointed of Lokayukta without their consent and consequently they appealed to Gujarat high court, but court given a split verdict. Then higher bench of Gujarat High court given a verdict upholding appointment of Justice Mehta as Lokayukta of Gujarat. After this Modi Govt appealed to supreme court of India which also uphold the appointment.In their quest for preventing Justice Mehta from becoming Lokayukta of Gujarat they spent as much as 45 Crores as litigation expenditure which is humongously disproportionate figure by any standard.

Under such premises question arises why Justice Mehta waited for more then two years, allowing or even forced Gujarat Govt to spend as big amount as 45 Crores?. I am not casting any aspiration on Justice Mehta, but question definitely arise that as he has waited for so long why he shed responsibility as this stage.  It is not merely a question of 45 Crores, but it is a most fundamental question which why he allowed Modi to play with Gujarat for more then two years. Now as Justice Mehta has refuse to take up position of Lokayukta, people of Gujarat state will have to do away without a Lokayukta and this will be major reprieve for Modi. Justice Mehta’s this attitude is that of escapist, which is highly deplorable, no doubt about it.

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Seven magnificent of Africa-ll

African Elephant     The heaviest animal on the earth Elephant, World’s oldest and most feared reptile Nile Crocodile, double horned Rhinos and world’s fastest running animal Cheetahs. This four animals are among Seven Magnificent of Africa.

African Elephant   has a two specie one is African Bush Elephant and other is African Forest Elephant. Bush elephant is a largest living terrestrial animal. and they can weigh upto 7-8 tons with the height which can go upto 13 feet. They have a very long pair of tusk which can be 6-8 feet long, each tusk can weigh upto 5 Kg. In compare to their Asian counterpart, African elephant are more aggressive. All elephant stays in a family which consist of 7-8 closely related female elephants, some calves and 4-5 grown up male elephants. Their family bond is very strong and they always take care of each other. An adult elephant needs 50 liter of water and 100 kg of food daily, there for they need to travel to a very long distance. In Africa elephant can be found almost every where, including arid area of Namibian desert.

Nile Crocodile   is second largest reptile in the world after saltwater crocodile. Nile Crocodile occur mostly in central, eastern and southern part of Africa. Nile Crocodile can stay in any aquatic place like lakes, rivers and marshlands. They can be as longer as 16 feet and they can weigh upto 400 Kg, but there are instances where 19 feet Crocodile was found with 900 kg weight. Nile Crocodile is one of the biggest predator of Africa, which can eat almost any animal, it’s food contain fish, reptiles, mammals and even birds. Crocodile known for their patience, they can wait for opportune moment to strike on their pray, this wait can be as longer as weeks. Crocodiles have a very strong bites and it is impossible to loosen. Crocodiles are a social creature with strong bondage with family members.

African Rhinoceros  There are two specie of Rhinoceros occur in Africa, black Rhinoceros and white Rhinoceros. Black Rhinos are small, but aggressive and white Rhinos are big but they are very docile by nature. White Rhino‘s name is actually wide Rhinos, but it has been distorted to White Rhino, actually they have very long & strong lips and that is why it is known as a wide Rhino. Rhinoceros are the ancestor of Dinosaur. All specie of Rhinos are considered as a endangered. Rhino’s horns are considered as a sex booster and that is why their horns demand is very high. Due to this reason Rhinos are poached and poached to a extent that it has become a endangered mammal.

Cheetahs   Are fastest land animal on the earth, it can run at a speed of 100 to 120 Kilometer per hour. Cheetah occur mainly in Africa and middle east countries. Cheetah’s chest is deep and waist is narrow. Cheetah’s weight is low as compare to other big cats and that’s preciously why they are being able run so quickly. Cheetah has very small heart and due to that they got exhausted while hunting. Cheetahs are not social by nature and prefer to stay alone with it’s cubs. Cheetahs are weakest among all big cats and that is why when they successfully hunts they take body of their pray on tree to protect it from stronger enemies like Lions and Spotted Hyenas.

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